Extractor Man has been serving the Restaurant and Commercial Kitchen community since 1988 where we specialized in cleaning, servicing and the true certification of Extraction Systems in Hotels and Restaurant Kitchens also doing installations and repairs of extraction and Fresh air systems. This means that we have more than 30 years’ experience servicing the Hospitality industry.  Extractor Man started the Canopy servicing business 30 years ago and was the first company offering this service to restaurants and hotels.

ASCOTT COOPER (PTY) Ltd. took over the operation of EXTRACTOR MAN and we decided to take all the past experience and rebrand it  new_ex1   and take it to the next level where we have added a qualified electrician to the company in order to offer a more complete service, this means we can look after the extractor motor and the electrical control gear as well giving our customers more value for money when servicing or repairing their extractor systems. 
All work is supervised and a Job Card with a multi-point checklist completed and signed off ensuring a complete and thorough service has been done. We are SANS (South African National Standards) compliant, BEE Certified and have all the insurance required to carry out work on practically any site. Because we are SANS registered our customers are guaranteed a valid service certificate that is recognized by the insurance industry.

Welcome to our new office and branch in Gauteng

We have all the qualification including engineering and electrical (Electrician) to do any work required on your extractor systems.

Just a thought, would you let your gardener service your motor vehicle just because he has washed it once or twice? well, we guess not, so why would you let someone who is not SANS compliant or recognized by the insurance industry, do the Kitchen Extractor cleaning or service for your business???.

It is very important to maintain your Kitchen extractor system for Health and safety and fire prevention reasons it is also important to maintain your equipment to keep it in proper working condition.

We are based in Durban area, however we do cover a large area even up to Port Elizabeth, please go here to find out about Franchising https://www.safranchisebrands.co.za/extractor-man/

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