Kitchen Fire & Pollution Control

We specialise in odour and grease control in commercial kitchens.

The Extractor Man Kitchen Pollution Control (KPC) system eliminates odour in the air, as well as breaks down grease and oil deposited in the ducts.  The reduction of grease and oil deposits reduces the risk of fire by up to 95%.  The exhaust fan will also operate more efficiently.

The EXTRACTOR MAN system for odour and grease control uses special lamps that produce ozone and alter the DNA in the grease and render it non flamable.  The EXTRACTOR MAN lamps are installed in the ducting after the hood or in an accessible enclosure in the ducting at strategic points.

Exposure to intensive specialised light and ozone oxidation causes contaminants in the air to be destroyed, resulting in the reduction of odour emissions to the surroundings and no grease deposits in the ductwork.  The ozone maintains the ducts in a clean condition and destroys previously existing grease deposits within the ductwork. We recommend that ducts be manually cleaned before installing an EXTRACTOR MAN KPC system.

There are multiple advantages associated with an EXTRACTOR MAN KPC system.  These include:

  • Decreases the risk of fire (90%)
  • Oxidizes grease
  • Reduces odour to the surroundings
  • Simple to install in existing ducting
  • Tested and dependable equipment
  • No use of chemicals or deodorizing oils
  • No use of filters, e.g. active carbon or catalysts
  • No use of microbiology
  • No residues or liquid substances
  • Eliminates the need to regularly clean the kitchen exhaust ductwork
  • Maximizes exhaust due to clean ductwork
  • Compact installation, needs only limited space
  • Immediate on/off function
  • Pressure differential guards for fan failure
  • Competitive installation costs
  • Low operating and maintenance costs


There are a number of different EXTRACTOR MAN KPC options, with the appropriate KPC system sized to the particular application.  A KPC system may contain:

  • EXTRACTOR MAN Specialised lamps
  • Ballast box
  • Control board (STO)
  • Safety components
  • External alarm option

Other key items may include:

  • Multiple systems may be independently controlled through one control board.
  • Surveillance of operations hours and auto shutdown of lamps after 10,000 hours of operation (warning at 500 remaining hours).
  • LED with status indication for safety equipment and lamp fault.
  • External alarm option.

Contact Us should you wish to know more about the KPC System.

Contact Us should you wish to know more about the KPC System.